Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

diNovo Mini Special Keys

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Authors descibtion:
Do you have a Logitec diNovo Mini Keyboard/Trackpad? Do you love its convenience?
But are you annoyed when you want to use a function key, or the Home or End keys etc.

Here a small changelog for my changes/updates:
I'm using SetPoint 6.20

DMSK v07b line 397
FMAltToggle:= FAltToggle ? false : False ; Turn off the soft toggle
should it be
FMAltToggle:= FMAltToggle

Add a FN workaround for Ctrl key detection
Problem FN sends ALT GR + Ctrl
If we use FMSendModified, we always send Ctrl+Fx key
With this workaround we can detect the seperate Ctrl key and only send the appropriate key.

Add a MediaKey remapping toggle menu button
Add a SetPoint AutoDetection and remapping for SetPoint 6.20
Add an Application close function Alt + 4
Add a Tab close function Ctrl + 4
Add a magnifier function Ctrl + M (alpha state)

Remapping for SetPoint 6.20:
MediaKeys and Magnifier are the same
DMKS menu and Scroll hotkey have to be remapped

Maybe for later implementation:
Close magnifier on second Ctrl+M
Config to save the remapping toggle button (maybe in the registry)

Here is the file: