Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

diNovo Mini Special Keys

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Authors descibtion:
Do you have a Logitec diNovo Mini Keyboard/Trackpad? Do you love its convenience?
But are you annoyed when you want to use a function key, or the Home or End keys etc.

Here a small changelog for my changes/updates:
I'm using SetPoint 6.20

DMSK v07b line 397
FMAltToggle:= FAltToggle ? false : False ; Turn off the soft toggle
should it be
FMAltToggle:= FMAltToggle

Add a FN workaround for Ctrl key detection
Problem FN sends ALT GR + Ctrl
If we use FMSendModified, we always send Ctrl+Fx key
With this workaround we can detect the seperate Ctrl key and only send the appropriate key.

Add a MediaKey remapping toggle menu button
Add a SetPoint AutoDetection and remapping for SetPoint 6.20
Add an Application close function Alt + 4
Add a Tab close function Ctrl + 4
Add a magnifier function Ctrl + M (alpha state)

Remapping for SetPoint 6.20:
MediaKeys and Magnifier are the same
DMKS menu and Scroll hotkey have to be remapped

Maybe for later implementation:
Close magnifier on second Ctrl+M
Config to save the remapping toggle button (maybe in the registry)

Here is the file:

Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Hibiscus Offline Konto Dauerauftrag Script


Beschreibung des Autors:
Hibiscus ist unsere Homebanking-Anwendung nach deutschen HBCI-Standard. Plattformunabhängig dank Java, modular erweiterbar und bestens geeignet vom Heim-PC bis zur automatischen Zahlungsabwicklung auf dem Server.
Hibiscus läuft als Plugin innerhalb der Jameica-Plattform und kann somit auch an andere Anwendungen gekoppelt werden.

Offline Konto Dauerauftrag Script:

Die Möglichkeit einen Dauerauftrag anzulegen, der monatlich dem Offline-Konto
etwas hinzubucht oder abbucht.
Mit Gegenbuchung kann ich es leider nicht erschlagen, da damit kein von mir
verwaltetes Konto in Verbindung steht.

Via Scripting:
Einfach in das Notizfeld des entsprechenden Offline-Konto folgendes eintragen:
Offline Konto Dauerauftrag
OFKDA_Betrag: 123,45
OFKDA_Verwendungszweck: xyz
OFKDA_GegenkontoName: name
OFKDA_GegenkontoNummer: 123
OFKDA_GegenkontoBLZ: 123
OFKDA_Turnus: 123

Davor und danach darf belibieger Text stehn.

Nun können einfach über den Button "Via Scripting synchronisieren" neue Umsätze
hinzugefügt werden.

Weitere Informationen:


Update 21.07.2011
Beschreibung der Offline Konto Dauerauftrag Script Parameter:

OFKDA_Betrag: 123,45 Betrag in Euro,Cent
OFKDA_Verwendungszweck: xyz Freitext
OFKDA_GegenkontoName: name Konto Name des Empfängers
OFKDA_GegenkontoNummer: 123 Konto Nummer des Empfängers
OFKDA_GegenkontoBLZ: 123 Bankleitzahl des Empfängers
OFKDA_ErsteZahlung: Datum der ersten Überweisung
OFKDA_Turnus: 123 Monatsrythmus des Dauerauftrages

Turnus Beispiel:
Turnus: 1
Erste Zahlung ist am 25.07.2011
Zweite Zahlung ist am 25.08.2011

Turnus: 2
Erste Zahlung ist am 25.07.2011
Zweite Zahlung ist am 25.09.2011

Update 01.01.2014
Vereinfachung der Installation

Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

Managed Library for Nintendo's Wiimote

Codeplex Project

Authors descibtion:
A library for using a Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) from .NET.

Here a small changelog for my changes/updates:

acceleration rawvalues accuraccy increased to 10bit
changed corresponding eeprom read of calibration data
acceleration rawvalues accuraccy increased to 10bit
changed corresponding eeprom read of calibration data

Added some Mutex for ReadData - WriteReport ... -> Improved Stability

MotionPlus support
read eeprom calibration data (needs verification)
status polling for MotionPlus detection
MotionPlus Nunchuk Pass-Through is working
MotionPlus ClassicController Pass-Through is working
GUI: Added a Get Status Button
GUI: Added a CheckedListBox for Nunchuk C-Z-Buttons
Added function IdentifyExtension()
Added function ParseStatus()

MotionPlus manual calibration button and function,
because my Yaw calibration from eeprom was not correct.
With Pitch and Roll I have no problems yet.
The function calibrates all three axes.

Maybe for later implementation:
MotionPlus eeprom calibration data
Speaker support
IR Full missing
0x3d 21 extension bytes missing

Here is the file:

Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

HowTo use a Sony Dash outside USA

Knowledge is power, but power doesn’t mean you should be a jerk, or do anything illegal. Knowing how to pick a lock doesn’t make you a thief. Consider this post educational, or a proof-of-concept intellectual exercise.

I. Requirements:

1. Hardware

a. A Notebook

Check if You WLAN device is supported:

2. Software

a. Windows 7

32Bit and 64Bit is supported

Starter Edition will not work

II. Setup:

1. Windows 7 - TheFreeVPN

a. Download The Free VPN by WSC

Alternative Download

b. Install FreeVPN

c. Connect to a US server

d. Test the connection:
If it shows no restriction warning, it is working.

2. Windows 7 - Connectify

a. Download Connectify

b. Install Connectify

c. Setup Connectify

Wireless hotspot

Internet Connection Sharing = FreeVPN

3. Sony Dash

a. Start Your Dash

b. Connect to Your Connectify Hotspot

Sony Lifts Geographic Restrictions on Dash

Montag, 31. Mai 2010

Bulk Delete Delicious Tags by lifeh2o

SourceForge Link

Authors descibtion:
This simple HTML page allows you to quickly delete a lot of delicious delicious tags. I made this to remove more than 400 tags in my delicious account.

Here a small changelog for my changes/updates:

It is working only with <= IE 8.0 not with Firefox 3.6


Table ordering: tag count button
Button tag is now input type button (so it is working now in ie8)


First tag for each row was skipped
Umlauts/special characters are now encoded
Table contains now no gaps
Total tags counter on delete is now working correct

Firebug logging support - not complete yet
Generate table and direct delete button
Suppress wrong user inputs for integer fields
Added max number or tags to handle
To delete all tags a sleep is needed
Show tag counter after table
Rename button
Spare column between the seperate tags columns

Maybe for later implementation:
After rename check for equal entries
Work with Firefox
Table column sorting options
Check return codes after delete/rename
Delicious api v2 with oauth

A hosted version will be very nice.

Here is the file:
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