Sonntag, 29. April 2012

My Dreambox Plugins

Stable Releases:
InfoBarTunerState OE2.0 ready
Enhanced Movie Center  OE2.0 ready
WerbeZapper Enhanced  OE2.0 ready
Autotimer WebInterface  OE2.0 ready
PushService  OE2.0 ready

In Development:
SeriesPlugin   OE2.0 ready
CutlistDownloader  OE2.0 ready

E2 Patches:
E2 Patch to avoid SkinErrors


Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Google Analytics PHP Client: Send page information with Events

I'm using the TrackPageView and TrackEvent features of php-ga.

During studying the Events on my Google Analytics page, I saw there are no page information attachted to the Events.
I take a look into the very well commented code, and could implement it in a few minutes.
Attached to the Issue You will find a zip archive containing two unified diffs of the changed files:
Now You can also send the page information with the Events.
Actually it is a required parameter, it could also be changed to an optional.

You can find the Feature Request and Patch here:
Issue 16: Send page information with Events

The patch is now part of php-ga 1.2

Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Google Analytics without utilizing the clients

If You want to use Google Analytics without JavaScript, You can use the Google or the Galvanize script, but both will utilize the clients by using an Image tag.

The alternative way to avoid this, is a little tweak over the Google Script.
Just follow their instructions and download the ga.php.

You have to comment out:
ga.php line 182:

Instead of using thier PHP code snipped insert this one before Your own Code:

  // Google Analytics without utilizing the clients
  // URL
  $GA_PHP = "ga.php";

sendPageView() {
    global $GA_ACCOUNT, $GA_PHP;
    $_GET["utmac"] = $GA_ACCOUNT;
    $_GET["utmn"] = rand(0, 0x7fffffff);
    $referer = $_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];
    $query = $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"];
    $path = $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];
    if (empty($referer)) {
      $referer = "-";
    $_GET["utmr"] = $referer;
    if (!empty($path)) {
      $_GET["utmp"] = $path;
    $_GET["guid"] = "ON";
    // Only if You want to debug something
  // Avoid sending anything before else You will get:
  // Warning: Cannot modify header information
Avoid sending anything before else You will get the warning:
Cannot modify header information

More advanced Version:
You have to comment out also:
ga.php line 154 - 158: 
And comment out at the end of the file:

Now You can send it also after Your code, just call:
Maybe You want also to rename our function sendPageView to initGoogleAnalytics, because it will never send anything.

If You want to use the whole Google Analytics functionalities, You may take a look on the Server-Side Google Analytics PHP Client

Montag, 9. April 2012

KeePass AutoType Enhancement

Just a small improvement to the KeePass AutoType feature.

Do You also have the situation, that programs store the username.
Then the default KeePass AutoType won't work and You have to change the entries AutoType.

So why not change the overall AutoType to avoid this behaviour.

Select Your "Database" and "Edit Group".
Go to the tab "AutoType" and add the Prefix (Ctrl+A): ^a

The complete AutoType should look like:

KeePass will now select the complete Username before starting typing it.