Montag, 31. Mai 2010

Bulk Delete Delicious Tags by lifeh2o

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Authors descibtion:
This simple HTML page allows you to quickly delete a lot of delicious delicious tags. I made this to remove more than 400 tags in my delicious account.

Here a small changelog for my changes/updates:

It is working only with <= IE 8.0 not with Firefox 3.6


Table ordering: tag count button
Button tag is now input type button (so it is working now in ie8)


First tag for each row was skipped
Umlauts/special characters are now encoded
Table contains now no gaps
Total tags counter on delete is now working correct

Firebug logging support - not complete yet
Generate table and direct delete button
Suppress wrong user inputs for integer fields
Added max number or tags to handle
To delete all tags a sleep is needed
Show tag counter after table
Rename button
Spare column between the seperate tags columns

Maybe for later implementation:
After rename check for equal entries
Work with Firefox
Table column sorting options
Check return codes after delete/rename
Delicious api v2 with oauth

A hosted version will be very nice.

Here is the file:
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