Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011

Dreambox Keyboard IR Codes for IRTrans

Complete .rem file for the Dreambox DM8000 with Keyboard support for the MultiQuickbutton Plugin.

Additional Keys (Naming is according the Multi Quickbutton Plugin):
Console DMM
Circumflex DMM / F1 Keyboard
F1 DMM / F2 Keyboard
F2 DMM / F3 Keyboard
Web DMM / www / F6 Keyboard
Mai lDMM / Mail / F7 Keyboard
M1 DMM / F11 Keyboard
M2 DMM / F10 Keyboard

Copy to irtrans remote database path:
"C:\Program Files\IRTrans\remotes"

You have to reload the database via
IRTranstray LAN
Reload IR Database

Now You have a new device in Your database:
(Note: dream is the original IRTrans dreambox profile)
can use it with
-Send Command
-Flash Device Database

Here is the forum:

Here is the file:


Update 09.04.2012:
IR-Codes Manuell Lernen:

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